23rd August 1999

Castle today launched a fantastic special offer, valid until the end of November 1999. All customers who order a new Acorn computer (RiscPC or A7000+) from Castle, or one of its dealers, can choose a high specification 14" monitor for an extra £50 +vat. Alternatively 15" monitors are just 75+vat and 17" monitors just £125+vat. 14" Flat LCD screens are also available at just £550+vat. All conventional monitors have a high resolution display (0.28 dot pitch), are digitally controlled and come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

This high value offer means that the Acorn range of desktop computer systems starts at an amazingly low price of just 499+vat - inclusive of monitor.

The Acorn range of computers are now manufactured under licence by Castle. The top of the range NEW Acorn RiscPC233T with the latest StrongARM processor is staggeringly fast. The A7000+ with its Floating Point processing power, is available at modest cost. All Acorn computers are suitable for a wide range of applications where reliability and power are essential.

Castle's large range of powerful SCSI and IDE interfaces open the door to an excellent range of peripherals for all Acorn computers. From CD-Writers and Scanners to Hard Drives and Monitors, Castle are able to supply the most comprehensive range of additional hardware for your computer.

Further information contact: Jack Lillingston (Managing Director)

Email: sales@castle.org.uk

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