23rd May 2001

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CASTLE TECHNOLOGY LTD is delighted to announce a new RISC OS based development - SLYM - a 15" Web browser terminal. SLYM is no bigger than a standard 15" LCD screen, but the computer technology is built into the case to give a very neat and useable solution. SLYM also will have built in Citrix client software to allow it to connect to an NT based network to run Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Installed inside the SYLM 15" Web browser is an ARM7500FE processor which provides the computing power required. SYLM features a large local resource that provides locally based software that will enable users to browse the Internet, run RISC OS, or through Citrix run Microsoft's Windows. The large resource facility means that boot (start-up) time is reduced to a minimum, to maximise productivity.

The integrated browser ensures quick and efficient access to the Internet, with minimal external resource requirements. Optionally the SLYM can support a wireless keyboard and mouse meaning that SLYM requires only two connections to the outside world; a power cable and a network cable. This minimal cable solution with its tiny footprint ensures that SLYM will be a large global product.

SLYM features a 15" TFT LCD flat panel screen which is completely flicker and radiation free. The display has a wide angle of view and can be tilted to suit the users individual requirements.

SLYM has such a low power consumption that no forced cooling is required. This means that SLYM is free from any all moving parts, eliminating noise altogether and ensuring continuous reliability.

SLYM is a joint venture between CUMANA LTD, who will market SLYM and Castle who have developed the technology.

For pricing and all other enquiries please contact:
Jack Lillingston
Castle Technology Ltd
Ore Trading Estate
Woodbridge Road
Suffolk IP13 9LL
Tel: 01728 723200
Email: sales@castle.org.uk


Nigel Taylor
Cumana/Cannon Computing
Dunmow Road
Hatfield Heath
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 7ED

e-mail: ntaylor@cumana.co.uk
Tel: 01279 730800 / 900
Fax: 01279 730809

Castle (Castle is a trading name of Castle Technology Ltd).
Registered office Ore Trading Estate Framlingham Suffolk IP13 9LL UK.
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Tel: 01728 723200 Fax: 01728 621179 Email: acorn@castle.org.uk
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