9th November 1999

Castle Technology Ltd and RISCOS Ltd are pleased to announce that following recent negotiations, Castle are the first company ever to licence RISC OS 4 for inclusion in the production of desktop computers.

Castle will be offering the recently released RISC OS 4 operating system as a pre-installed option on their RiscPC and A7000+ Odyssey computers.

The Managing Director of RISCOS Ltd, Paul Middleton, said that
"It is appropriate that Castle are the first licensees for RISC OS 4. Following the closure of the Acorn workstation division last October, Castle was the first company to make a commitment to producing RISC OS computers."

Jack Lillingston, Managing Director of Castle commented that
"RISC OS 4 has passed our quality tests with flying colours. We are delighted to offer our customers the increased performance and enhancements that continue to make Acorn computers the best in the market place."

Jack also added
"It is worth noting that a RiscPC running RISC OS 4 is over 4 times faster (sometimes as much as 12 times faster) than ARM7500 based computers. I am confident that the future for RISC OS computing is now much brighter and we expect to continue to be at the forefront of bringing new ARM technology to the RISC OS market."

For more details see: www.RISCOS.com

The Acorn range of computers are now manufactured under licence by Castle. The top of the range NEW Acorn RiscPC223T with the latest StrongARM processor is staggeringly fast. The A7000+ with its Floating Point processing power, is available at modest cost. All Acorn computers are suitable for a wide range of applications where reliability and power are essential.

Castle's large range of powerful SCSI and IDE interfaces open the door to an excellent range of peripherals for all Acorn computers. From CD-Writers and Scanners to Hard Drives and Monitors, Castle are able to supply the most comprehensive range of additional hardware for your computer.

For further information contact:

Jack Lillingston (Managing Director)

Email: sales@castle.org.uk

Castle (Castle is a trading name of Castle Technology Ltd).
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