9th June 1999

Castle are delighted to announce the release of a new version of the RiscPC StrongARM Upgrade. The new TurboStrongARM upgrade features the very latest revision T 233MHz StrongARM processor from INTEL. Available from mid June 1999, this upgrade gives the user outstanding performance in any RiscPC. The key features are:

  • Runs at a breathtaking 268 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS).
  • Over 10 times faster than the ARM 610 processor.
  • Over 8 times faster than the ARM 710 processor.
  • Supports "Lazy Task Swapping", considerably speeding up RISC OS 4.
  • Greatly improves Linux & BSD unix performance on a RiscPC.
  • Suitable for any RiscPC computer.

TurboStrongARM upgrades cost just 249+vat and are available direct from Castle or from your local Castle dealer.

Castle manufacture the Acorn A7000+ and RiscPC computers under licence and prices start from just 499+vat. Acorn computers are available in a wide range of specifications and these reliable, easy-to-use computers are suitable for all users in any environment. Castle also supply a wide range of hardware upgrades for all 32-bit Acorn computers including Scanners, CD ROMS, CD Writers, Hard Drives, Memory, etc.....

For further information contact:

Jack Lillingston (Managing Director)

Email: sales@castle.org.uk

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